AFL Valve It is a valve that prevents overfilling of the LPG cylinder or tank.
Area Heater Typically refers to an outdoor heater like a patio heater.
Autogas The LPG fuel used in LPG powered cars is quite often called “Autogas”.
Automatic Tanker Delivery Reliable supply of bottled gas automatically delivered by an LPG tanker.
Bayonet Heater An unflued indoor gas heater that connects to your home’s gas supply using a bayonet connector.
BBQ Gas A common term for the LPG in 9kg and 4kg gas bottles.
BBQ Gas Bottle A common term for 9kg and 4kg gas bottles typically used on a gas BBQ.
Bleed Screw A small screw on the side of a POL valve that allows for venting during decant refilling.
Bottled Gas The term ‘bottled gas’ is typically used to differentiate between LPG and piped natural gas.
BTU The BTU is another older measure of heat output based on the Imperial System.

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