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We are at COVID-19 Orange status. We are in full operation supporting businesses as required. Products can be supplied via contact less Click and Collect, courier delivery or customer pick-up. Please observe all appropriate COVID-19 protocols to keep our work place safe.  As always, contact us on (09) 634 1610 for any queries or e-mail us at Our business hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm.


Welcome to Combustion Control- Auckland-based engineering consultants and equipment supply specialists

Combustion Control has offered specialist engineering contracting , equipment supply and technical advice since 1978. Our people are experts in everything that ignites, burns, incinerates, roasts, heats or cremates.

Our team includes engineers, gasfitters, welders and problem solvers. We are available to help with the latest technological advances in combustion equipment - we also have a thorough understanding of tried-and-true workhorse tools that have been around for years. We stock a wide range of equipment including hot water boilers and the gas and oil burners to fuel them, and safety equipment including oil valves, gas regulators and valves, and CO2 detectors.

We don’t just stock a wide range of equipment, we are engineering consultants who can help you with quality products, integrated systems and practical solutions. Our years of experience have given us an unparalleled wealth of experience and wide knowledge base of the energy industry. Whether you need a regular maintenance program for your existing plant, new componentry, upgrades or a fresh look at the possibilities, we offer a complete service from conception to completion.

You are welcome to visit us at our Onehunga plant in Auckland – or if you are in Wellington, Christchurch or across New Zealand our engineering consultants can assist you via phone or email. If you have a query, suggestion or would like to buy engineering equipment, please contact us.

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